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Using our asset library

KeepCup’s asset library is your home for all digital assets including logos, photography, videos, sales collateral, posters and brand documents.

How do I access the asset library?

You must have an account with KeepCup, if you don't have access already please request an account.

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Navigating the asset library


Sections are our categories of assets. These are separated by the asset type and purpose. Sections appear appear across the top of your Brandfolder and Collections. They are the broadest way of organizing assets in Brandfolder and are commonly used to separate assets by their category, type, or purpose.


  • Labels help filter and find the assets you are looking for.
  • Labels allow for an extra level of organization that provides folder-structure peace of mind.
  • Think of the sections as music genres, then Labels are like your music playlists.
  • Any asset, or assets, can be assigned to a label or multiple labels.
  • Labels have been created for groups of assets that belong together.


  • All assets are displayed as thumbnails within the Asset Library. This creates a visual grid that is easy to scan through and identify what you’re seeing.
  • Click on a thumbnail to show the different formats available to download (more on downloading further below).
  • The paperclip on each tile tells you how many assets are included in the the asset is. Similar assets are grouped together. They can be downloaded individually or as a group.

How to search

Search the asset library in multiple ways:

  • The Search Bar: Type your query into the Search field and suggested words will automatically pop up to help you find what you’re looking for.
  • Filtering: Select the Filters tool bar to select Tags, File Types, Customer Files and more.
  • Pinned Searches: Shortcuts for common searches have been created and saved as Pinned Searches. When selecting a Pinned search, all assets that are tagged with the chosen search term will be displayed. Assets will be displayed in Section order.

How to download a single asset

1. Simple download

Click the ellipses (3 dots), then choose Download.

2. Custom download

If you need to edit the size, file format or crop an image, you can customise the settings by clicking on the asset and selecting the options before downloading.

How to download multiple assets

  1. Select multiple assets by clicking the checkbox in the bottom right corner of each thumbnail that you’d like to download, OR select entire Sections by checking the box next to the Section name.
  2. Once assets are selected, the Blue Actions bar will appear at the bottom of the window. You can download all assets immediately to a Zip file, or by hovering over the Download option, the option to “Download Some” will appear.

How to share a single asset

  1. Select the asset you want to share by clicking anywhere on the tile.
  2. Chose the version you want from the list on the right hand side.
  3. Select Share and follow the prompts on the next screen.

How to share multiple assets

  1. Select all the assets you want to share.
  2. Select Share from the Blue Actions bar.
  3. Email or copy the URL link to recipent.

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