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Our approach to customisation

Our approach to customisation

We see customisation as a co-branding exercise - becoming partners with another brand to further the mission of  encouraging reuse.

Is customisation the best option?

We offer customisation to our customers to provide an option that co-brands our product to those of the right partners, collaborating in driving behaviour change towards reuse, and the reduction of single-use waste.

However, customisation isn't always the best option, as some customers may struggle to sell through against unbranded versions.

If the customer's brand is premium and has extrinsic value (i.e. if the brand is aligned with ours in premium or environmental ways), branding is a great option as it's a product that is likely to sell for our customer, and is a logo we're happy to have on our products. 

For smaller brands, cafes or stores, branded KeepCups can present challenges both for our alignment with the customer's objective, or because customer demand for items stamped with the 'Jimmy Joe's Café' logo will likely be lower than an unbranded option. MOQ’s are intended to dissuade customers from unnecessary branding. 

When discussing the options with these independents, it's better to recommend premium unbranded KeepCup Brew and Brew Cork.


Customisation considerations

Here's what you need to know when discussing this with your customers:

  • When customising, the removal of the KeepCup logo is not an option.
  • The price list is the point of truth for print MOQs, volumes, pricing and SKUs.
  • Printing is an actual cost to the business, it is never waived or rolled up into unit price.
  • All lead times run from the date of artwork approval to dispatch from our warehouse. It's important to make this clear to the customer both in conversation and in writing.
  • If the customer has a delivery date, give them a deadline six weeks out from this date and follow up.
  • Barcoding of retail cartons is available at an additional cost per unit. This is primarily done for large-scale retail customers who require it for sale


Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

The MOQs are based around production timings. Setting up a print job takes the same time if its 10 bands or 1000, so in order to reduce turnaround times, we set a minimum number on orders.

It was also intended as an easy way to prevent low value branding creeping onto our product. “Bob’s Pickup Service call 1300 Trucks”, for example, does not speak to the premium nature of the brand we want to promote .

From a sustainability perspective, we also don’t want customers having to purchase more stock than they can sell through.

If you need help or would like to query a request from your customer, please contact your sales representative who can assist you with these conversations, based on our experience.


Customisation options

Band printing

The most cost effective customisation option and print method. Easy to print, easy to ship.

Band printing can be up to 4 colours. The more colours there are on a design, the longer the print job will take. This is because a day is required for each colour to dry before another colour can be added.

It also adds complexity, increasing the chance for error.

Band print specifications:

Standard print area of 50 x 19mm. It can be increased but is set to this dimension as it is easily achievable by the printer.

We can extend the print specs outside of this range but only where there is artistic merit in the design or when two logos are required.

Alternatives include reducing the size of the artwork, simplifying elements or stacking the logo.


Deboss requires construction of new steel moulds, so we encourage this only for large orders or repeat business. Printing the same colour as the band colour or a shade lighter/darker can achieve a similar effect.

Glass Printing

Up to two colours (no tones/gradients). Fine detail and block designs both work.

Locally produced on tested glass. If the order is over 5,000 units, it is done in China at the manufacturing site.


Pantone matching

There is an MOQ per component and a pantone matching fee charged to the customer.

Process for new colour:

Custom order is approved.

Sales order is sent to Operations Team by Account Manager with any urgent event dates noted.

Operations team orders colour swatch. When completed, Marketing/Design team checks colour match against pantone book. If the colour match is suitable, the customer can be sent a copy of the swatch for their approval.

Customer approves. Account Manager lets Operations team know so Supplier can be informed, order in the master batch and schedule into production.

No component samples of a custom colour are provided. Customers sign off on swatch only.

Lead times:

If it's an existing colour with master batch already made, lead times will be between 4 – 8 weeks.

For a new colour, we will need to allow 6 - 10 weeks to allow for colour swatching, production and delivery.


Why don’t we offer printing on plastic cups?

We have chosen not to offer printing onto our plastic cup components as there are many technical restrictions which limit the potential for a finish that meets our standards.

These include:

  • The inability to provide a continuous wrap design print around the cup.
  • Poor durability of print on plastic can limit the lifespan of the cup, contributing to waste.
  • Expense of the job, transporting cups to specialist printer and back (as opposed to bands which is one stop shop)
  • Cups that are not aesthetically pleasing


When things go wrong

Artwork / Print is not quite right

This is a question of judgment and degree.

If the print is inaccurate or the wrong colour, it might be a good idea to seek consent from the customer.

Print Quality

If the print quality is poor, we salvage as many bands as we can and get a reprint.

*We want to be as sustainable as possible. Therefore, if the fault is minimal, we do need to speak to the customer to see if they will accept and avoid the stock going to waste if it does not affect the overall functionality.

Pre-Production samples

We don’t generally provide pre-production samples unless it will be a deal breaker.

If a printed sample is insisted upon then there will be an extra cost, which will be credited to their account if they proceed with the order.


Printing locally

KeepCup prefers to manage the customised branding of our products, where possible.

In some circumstances, we will allow approved distributors to organise this locally as long as our print guidelines are strictly adhered to.

This is only applicable to orders below 1,000 units. Anything above that will be managed by KeepCup. All printing specifications should be respected and designs must be approved before printing.

Failure to adhere to these guidelines could result in KeepCup revoking the right to custom print locally.

IMPORTANT: Printing on cork Bands is not included as part of this process and not permitted. Printing outside of the approved areas (eg. on the plastic cup, lid or plug) is not permitted.


Guidelines for printing parameters: please see customisation document and “Master” pdf documents for Artwork. (Link to info).   
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Our faulty glass is ground down and recycled locally into either bottles, glasswool insulation or used to replace sand in road base. Recycling into road base is polarising, as it locks material into a product from which it can’t readily be extracted and recycled again. However, in road base, the glass that may otherwise end up in landfill, replaces sand which is a finite resource, so we view this as a win until local infrastructure and manufacturing can support low volumes of recycled glass being used in new products.