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Reusable Coffee Cups

The Original barista standard collection. Choose from reusable glass coffee cups, lightweight plastic and insulated stainless steel. Cup sizing - 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz and 16oz. Splashproof design to take you from cafe to desk. Designed to enjoy lid on or off.

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Frequently Asked Questions

4oz KeepCup Original Espresso Cup4oz KeepCup Original Espresso Cup

Where are KeepCup Reusable Cups manufactured?

All KeepCup drinkware is hand-assembled in our local warehouses in Melbourne and London. We manufacture and assemble locally in Australia and United Kingdom, with specialist components made in China and Portugal. KeepCup is the only reusable company that has conducted Life Cycle Analysis on its products and supply chain.

What is barista standard?

It's a shortcut for a reusable cup that helps deliver a great espresso coffee. A drafted vessel designed for easy pour and the crafting of perfect hearts and rosettas. Cup volumes replicate industry-standard cup sizing for exact coffee-to-milk ratio. Press fit lid. Tapered rim so drinks can be enjoyed with the lid on or off.

Why is KeepCup the best choice for impact and sustainability?

KeepCup is a business founded on impact, whether designing great products to replace single-use, removing single-use plastic from our supply chain, using recycled and recovered material or running our offices on solar power, we are in it for a better planet. We have been a B Corp since 2014, and donate 1% of our revenue to environmental protection. We are also a Living Wage employer.
From a brand point of view, KeepCup is a top choice. From a product point of view, it depends on the use case. The best reusable cup is the one you use.

12oz Brew Cork Reusable Glass KeepCup12oz Brew Cork Reusable Glass KeepCup
KeepCup Original 8oz Cup and 12oz Glass Reusable CupKeepCup Original 8oz Cup and 12oz Glass Reusable Cup

Reusable Coffee Cups

Drinkware manufactured in Australia, our to-go coffee cups are more than just a practical choice – they're a statement of your personal style.
Our original barista standard reusable cups have a press-on splashproof lid, so you can enjoy your coffee with the lid on or off. Designed and manufactured in Australia, the simple high-quality design is easy to use and clean, making KeepCup the most used reusable. Make KeepCup part of your everyday routine.
From the lightweight colourful originals, the iconic Brew Cork, and the double-walled insulated thermal cups, there’s a KeepCup to match your style. Keep up with the go-to solution for stylish, reusable takeaway coffee cups and say goodbye to single-use waste!

Explore To Go Coffee Cups in Glass and Stainless Steel

Elevate your coffee experience with our sturdy tempered glass cups, providing a clear view of your beverage while ensuring easy maintenance and a sleek aesthetic. Choose our vibrant plastic cups for lightweight durability and eye-catching colours, perfect for your on-the-go adventures.
Seeking superior insulation? Our stainless steel cups are designed to keep your drinks at the ideal temperature throughout the day. Perfect for travelling or when you need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up but forgot about the coffee you ordered; Whichever cup you choose, KeepCup's quality is poured into every cup.
In addition to our extensive range of reusable coffee cups in Australia, we also offer a variety of other reusable options. Explore our selection of travel mugs, bottles and cold cups, all designed with the same commitment to quality, sustainability and personalised style as our coffee cups.

Personalise Your Reusable To Go Coffee Cup

Find your ideal pick-me-up companion with KeepCup's extensive customisation options. Whether you need a quick re-energising drink or a full coffee fix, we have a size to match your on-the-go lifestyle, ranging from the compact XXS 4oz to the spacious L 16oz.
Design Your Own allows you to customise every aspect of your KeepCup. Choose your cup size, band, lid colour and plugs to create a personalised cup that perfectly matches your style and preferences. With KeepCup, you can customise your to-go coffee cup exactly how you want it, making every sip a personalised experience tailored to your preferences.

8oz Glass Reusable Keep Cup8oz Glass Reusable Keep Cup