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To customise? Or not to customise? 

We offer customisation to our customers to provide an option that ties your participation in the reuse revolution with our mission to facilitate and drive behaviour change towards a world that neither wants, needs or uses single-use coffee cups.

However, customisation isn't always the best option, as some resellers may struggle to sell through against unbranded versions. We also have minimum order quantities (MOQs) that require a certain volume of KeepCups produced with customisation.

There are several elements to carefully consider when deciding on customising your order:

The most sustainable option

Branding processes add time, energy and cost to your order. It's important to consider the environmental impact of these additional processes against your predicted enhanced customer demand for branded versions.

Sell through

If you're a small business that is likely to sell lower volumes, it's safer to order our unbranded options from our range. Unbranded items have a higher likelikhood to sell to customers of all types.

Cost and timings

Customising your order will add cost to the price of each KeepCup, which will not affect the RRP, and will require additional time for the printing or etching processes.

Customisation options

Thermal etch

Band print

Glass print



Cork etch